Visiting Tampere

Image courtesy by Pispalan Moreeni ry, Pertti Salo

About Tampere and the University of Tampere

University of Tampere

The University of Tampere is a culturally-committed higher education institution with the social mission of educating visionaries who understand the world and change it. The profile of the University of Tampere accentuates the university’s multifaceted research and education on society and health.

In its research, the University addresses the central issues in contemporary society. By providing critical knowledge and education, the university helps people and societies to improve their health and their cultural, social and economic well-being.

The basic values of the University are academic freedom, creativity and social responsibility. This means that everyone has an equal right to learn, to acquire knowledge, to participate and to make an impact on society.

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Image courtesy of Timo Klemola


Tampere, the home city of the University, is the third biggest city in Finland. Tampere has a population of more than 220,000 while there are close to half a million people in the greater Tampere Region. Tampere is Finland’s third largest city as well as the largest inland city in the Nordic countries.


Tampere has a monumental industrial history: the Finlayson cotton mill was the first large-scale industrial enterprise in Finland and it was in fact in fact in Finlayson’s factory hall that the first electric light in the Nordic countries was lit.

Pispala & Pyynikki

Today Pispala has a vibrant artivist atmosphere and has much in kin with other bohemianarts areas such as Užupis, Montmartre, Greenwich Village or Freetown Christiania.

Pispala houses the oldest still active public sauna in Finland. Rajaportin sauna began its operation in 1906 and is currently owned by the City of Tampere. However it is run by a local Pispala Sauna Association (Pispalan saunayhdistys ry.).[1]

Pispala currently houses the Pispala Centre of Contemporary Arts at Hirvitalo which organises various events both outdoors in various places around the suburb and within their gallery situated upon “moose street,” Hirvikatu. It is run by the Pispala Cultural Association

Also found in Pispala is Kurpitsatalo (“Pumpkin House”) a community gardening project that celebrates the cycle of the year with traditional pagan festivals, music and also has various allotments.

Market Hall, Tammela market Square

Even the earliest of birds can get a yummy crum or two to eat in Tampere! In Tammela district, close to Tammela market square, a versatile breakfast is served at Café Aamurusko. The morning paper and the café’s comfy couch are a good combination to start the day with.

If you like to taste the local life, you should head towards the Market Hall (Kauppahalli) for a breakfast, where you can find many cafés. While enjoying your brekkie – maybe some oat meal – you get a glimpse of the local atmosphere, on the corridors of the 100 year-old indoor market.

If you happen to be a history enthusiast, we can warmly recommend the breakfast in the café Amurin Helmi, where after eating you can continue to the attached Amuri Museum of Workers’ Housing, the historical quarters offering a time travel to the history of the city.

Image courtesy of: Markku Savinen


Public Sauna experiences

We can visit at Rauhaniemi’s Sauna or Rajaportin sauna, if participants are interested:

Miinan Savusauna is located in Hämeenkyrö, appr. 30 km from Tampere and it’s a real treat for the more experienced sauna-goers who appreciate something new – top it off with peat treatments or cupping therapy and you’ll get very close to the most traditional experience of the Finnish sauna culture! 

Image courtesy of Markku Korsu


Night life

Klubi is situated in the Tulli area and it’s famous for its Saturday morning breakfast club, where a versatile breakfast buffet is served to the tables while DJ guests take care of the programme.


The Plevna Brewery Pub & Restaurant:

Pispala’s Pulteri

You will find more information about Tampere and its tourist attractions from Visit Tampere tourist information.


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