13.7.2016 Main building, 2nd floor, room D10b

09.00 Registration and coffee

09.15 Optional Meditation and somatic exercise taught by Docent Timo Klemola

10.00 Opening remarks: Ilmari Kortelainen and Antti Saari (University of Tampere)

THEME I Overcoming McMindfulness? (Chair: Saari)

10.15  Keynote address: Professor Ronald Purser (San Francisco State University): Beyond Neoliberal Mindfulness: Towards a Critical-Contemplative Studies Agenda

11.15   Ilmari Kortelainen (University of Tampere): Bodily Knowledge of Mindfulness in Techno-culture

11.53  Small break

THEME II Mindfulness as Resarch Method (Chair: Lehtonen&Pulkki)

12.00 Pessi Lyyra(University of Tampere): Cognitive underpinnings of (meditational) self-observation

12.45  Lunch at the restaurant Juvenes, Main building, 2nd floor

14.00  Kristina Eichel (Köln University) & Hana Sysalova (Univesrity of Warwick, cowriter of the paper): Critique on Measurements of “trait” Mindfulness

14.45   Docent Timo Klemola: On Bodymindfulness

15.30   Coffee and tea

THEME III Technê-Zen (Chair: Kortelainen)

16.00   Afternoon keynote address: John R. Williams (Yale University): Being Here Now and the End of Time

17.00   Teemu Kangas (Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki): ‘Meditation in Society: Western Artists’ Experiences’

17.45-18.30 Panel discussion on the role of body in the research of contemplative practices speakers: Researcher Kristina Eichel, Professor Ronald Purser, Lecturer Steven Stanley, documentarist WilleHyvönen(Hyvönen trough Skype)

19.30: Dinner at the restaurant von Nottbeck


14.7.2016 Main building, 2nd floor, room D10b

THEME IV Disciplined and Empowered Bodies (Chair: Väänänen)

10.00  Optional meditation: Being as Natural Presence – Guided Meditation Focusing on Effortless and Natural Awareness quided by Iina Kautiainen

Present and Connected – Practices of Embodied Self-Awareness and Interpersonal Connection guided by Sofia Peltoniemi

11.00 Keynote address: Lecturer Steven Stanley (Cardiff University): Constructing the Mindful Subject: Reshaping Experience through Mindfulness-based Interventions  

12.00 Marianne Viftrup Hedegaard (University of Copenhagen): ”Mindful employees and ethical corporations: studying mindfulness practices in the Danish working life”

12. 45 Lunch at the restaurant Juvenes, Main building, 2nd floor

THEME V: Body Therapy? (Chair: Kortelainen)

13.45 Afternoon Keynote Address: Associate Professor Suvi Salmenniemi (University of Turku): Gender and therapeutic technologies

14.45    Special invited speaker: Dr. Catherine Wikholm: The Variety of Meditative Experiences: psychological effects we might not expect

15.30 Optional exercises: Meditating with Gravity – Somatic Exercises Guided by Antti Marjakangas, Somatic Movement Educator Antti Marjakangas (After exercises: Coffee)

16.15 Antti Saari (University of Tampere): Emotionalities of rule in pedagogical mindfulness literature

16.45 Associate Professor David Forbes (City university of New York): Critical Integral Contemplative Education

17.30  Optional meditation: Dr. Karen Terzano

18.10-18.30 Wrap up/ General discussion

18.30 Option for Documents and snack: The Salesmen of Happiness (2015)


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Image courtesy of Jani Henttonen:





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